5 ways to save big in your translation projects

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Make sure your provider keeps a memory of your translations

A professionally managed memory of your translation projects will enable you to save the most over time. Whenever you have a segment repeated being sent to translation, your translation agency should be able to reuse the translation done in the past. This may represent huge savings for companies that have similar documents being translated at the same time or different revisions or editions of a document over time.

The lowest bid may cost you twice

Choosing a provider in a low-cost labor country may result in a useless translation. Avoid unusual low bids for your project. A quality sample coming from one of these providers do NOT mean you will receive your final translations with the same quality.

Take control of what you can control

Keeping a close communication with the person or area in charge of your publishing can also save you a lot. One of the most famous reasons of waste in translation is the lack of “editable graphics” sent to the translation agencies. You don’t need to understand any of these technical aspects. Just make sure you provide a communication bridge between your translation provider and the party in charge of publishing your materials and you will avoid a lot of waste.

Don’t be afraid of asking for a discount

Most providers will be happy to provide you with a discount in exchange of a long term relationship. This may be achieved by means of a contract or a simple commitment of your company to buy a certain amount over a certain period of time.

Another reason why translation companies provide discount is the fact that translation demand is not stable. There are peaks and valleys in demand. If a translation provider has idle capacity they may be willing to work at considerably lower rates than usual.

Learn more about buying translation

It doesn’t matter if you are buying German, Norwegian, or Spanish translation services. You are an active part in this savings effort.

Learn more about the basics of how translation works. You don’t need to become an expert. Just make sure you have a good control of the main aspects of translation and we guarantee you will save a large percentage of your budget.

Don’t forget to check our ‘5 Ways to Save Big’ infographic

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