Not Understanding Hurricane Dorian’s Danger Due to Language

It is already a nerve-wracking experience to immigrate to a new country with your family. It is especially daunting to be a student who has traveled all alone to study in a new place. Often students coming to study in North America are used to different customs and have to adjust to a new lifestyle. Many times, language is a barrier also. Recently, international students at Cape Breton University in Sydney, Nova Scotia were unable to comprehend the safety procedures that the University followed in order to be safe from Hurricane Dorian. That was partly because of the language barrier, and partly because safety procedures are followed differently in different countries. International students didn’t understand how severe the storm could be because Canada requires a certain amount of “personal precautions” that citizens need to take, which internationals students haven’t done before. However, there are measures being taken to increase effective communication between the city and its new members, and to help international students gain an understanding of the safety precautions instigated by the University and the Province. Click on the link to read more!



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