Cognitive Thought and Language

Many of us are fearful of old age. We are afraid that we’ll lose our ability to do things effortlessly and swiftly. However, research proves that a person’s command over language increases and becomes better with age; continuing well into old age. The article by Professor Roger J Kreuz from the University of Memphis explores the works of esteemed author Toni Morrison and recognizes that she was 84 when she published her last book in 2015, four years before she passed away. Professor Kreuz also presents different studies in his article that compares the vastness of vocabularic knowledge between college students and adults living in old age homes. Researchers have also found a connection between diseases such as dementia pertaining to the decline of language in older adults. While Professor Kruez claims that “Toni Morrison’s writing remained searingly clear and focused as she aged,” there are other authors who don’t have the same command on writing and that isn’t because of a lack of skill at an older age, but signs of illnesses in cognitive thinking. Click on the link to read the complete article!



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