First Spanish-Speaking Medical Facility in the Country

Especially when it comes to medical and science-related terms, even the most skilled Spanish translator might run into trouble. It’s difficult enough to learn medical terminology in your native language, let alone the language you’re translating it into.

For that reason, BioReference Laboratories Inc. in New Jersey has opened the first Spanish-speaking medical facility to cater to the enormous Spanish-speaking market.

Laboratorio Buena Salud will be customized to suit the needs of the Hispanic community so that they can receive proper medical testing and any other lab services.

The Laboratory will be Bilingual with a Focus on Spanish

The labs in this Spanish-speaking medical facility will operate as any other Spanish business in the United States with bilingual capabilities. If necessary, they will also be able to handle the needs of English-speaking patients when necessary. However, unlike most medical facilities, there won’t be any need for Spanish translations as all signage and staff will speak Spanish.

Though the company is based in New Jersey, laboratory locations will be set up around the country so that people seeking Spanish services anywhere will be able to find a facility. Some services offered at the labs will include drug testing, pill identification, and specimen preparation.

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Spanish Services will Extend beyond the Actual Facility

In addition to providing clients with a full Spanish-speaking medical facility and staff, Laboratorio Buena Salud will also offer services to help patients and doctors before they even use the facility. They are launching an official Spanish translation version of their website so that customers can use it as a resource before or after visiting.

They will also have 30 Spanish-speaking customer service representatives at the call center 24/7. These staff members can answer any of the questions that patients or physicians have in Spanish without delay, often caused by the translation service.

Spanish Speakers and Translations

It’s important that Spanish-speaking citizens in the United States can get the proper medical care or testing they need despite language barriers. Often, Spanish translator services are too slow to help in emergency medical situations, so facilities like that of BioReference are necessary at this point.

The Spanish-speaking population is growing every day, so facilities that are fully capable of handling Spanish guests will probably become more plentiful over time. For now, BioReference is revolutionary in the designation of its labs specifically for the Spanish population, and these facilities will help thousands of people across the country.

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Things you need to know before moving to a Spanish-Speaking Market

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