Yoga in Spanish

In the New Year, the New Tampa Regional Library will be starting something a little different: yoga in Spanish. The library already has an English yoga class that did quite well this last year, but with the growing number of Spanish-speaking attendees, the library would benefit from holding a yoga in Spanish class as well.

Limited Resources for Yoga in Spanish

The yoga instructor for both classes, Ruben Vasquez, says that there is very little material for Spanish-speaking yoga practitioners and that Spanish translation during yoga is very rarely done.

The Columbian native also runs a bilingual blog in addition to teaching classes, and he has also created a bilingual DVD as well. The DVD is a Spanish to English and English to Spanish guide for yoga in Spanish teachers and average people who enjoy casual yoga.  The classes at the library are held on Thursdays with the Spanish class from 5 to 6 pm and the English class from 6:15 to 7:15 pm.

Vasquez has been practicing yoga since 1996 and has been pleased with his time teaching at the Tampa Library. At first, the library agreed to hold a trial run for the classes, but when they saw how many people attended the Thursday sessions, they let the class run for a whole year.

Now, with the yoga in Spanish classes approaching, Vasquez says that he has high expectations, and he hopes that the class will do as well as the English one.

Interested in learning Spanish? Try our free Spanish Language Course here.

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