Houston Library Introduces New Spanish Library Section

A public library in Fort Bend, Texas will be introducing a new Spanish library section on October 22 at the University Branch Library. This isn’t just a tour of the new library section, it’s an introduction to a whole new program designed around Spanish and the Spanish speaking community. There will be no English to Spanish translation required because the whole tour will be conducted in Spanish.

A Whole New Program to Be Implemented

The new, Spanish library section in the Fort Bend libraries isn’t just for books; it’s a library program specifically for Spanish-speaking community members. The library catalogue will be in Spanish and e-books will also be available for Kindles and computers in the Spanish language as well. In the past, many members of the community needed an English to Spanish translator – usually a family member – to help check out books from the English-only computer program. Also, many community members did not have access to leisure books because there were very few available in the Spanish Language. With the new program, many different library resources and materials will now be available to a wider group of community members.

Orientation at University Branch Library

The orientation at the University Branch Library on University Blvd. in Sugar Land will be called “¡Conozca su biblioteca!”, which is the Spanish Translation for “know your library!” The orientation is open to the public and free of charge. Any Spanish-speaking adult may attend if they sign up at the library website, which is www.fortbend.lib.tx.us. They can also sign up if they visit the library or call the library as well. The introduction to the new library services will include a virtual tour of the new library book section as well as a tour of the computer program. The whole orientation will be conducted in Spanish in honor of the new program.

The new features in the libraries that will offer translation to Spanish include classes and books that include in-person and online programs. The orientation will take adults through the process of accessing the online programs and signing up for classes by using their library cards. They will also be taught how to check out books online and how to renew books online as well. How to check out and download audio and e-books will also be covered in the introduction course. The session is intended for Spanish-speaking adults, but teens are also welcome if they don’t already know how to work the computer systems or check out books.

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