Invest in professional translation services to push business forward

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Professional translation for companies can help a business find great success as it expands into overseas markets. With more customers using mobile devices to connect to the internet, it is even easier for them to shop online and search for new businesses to meet their needs.

Detecting Potential Markets Abroad

Even if a company doesn’t plan on going global per se, taking a look at website analytics will likely show that customers from other countries are already looking at your product, explained a Fox Business article.

“To be successful, you must be inclusive; that is, you must give up misplaced sentiments of ethnocentrism and seek to learn, really learn, about the native culture you hope to market to from the native culture you hope to market to,” the article said. “You can’t take a U.S.-centric approach.”

A Forbes piece gave an example of when Buffalo Wild Wings expanded into Canada. Local staff members said that patrons prefer bloody caesars to bloody marys and a side dish other than french fries. Furthermore, CEO Sally Smith explained to the news source that the key is to listen – find out what locals know and use that knowledge to further the business’ expansion.

Success at Home and Potential Abroad

Buffalo Wild Wings has close to 857 stores in the United States and Canada and sees even greater opportunities by moving into more countries, according to Forbes. Starting later this year, the restaurant chain hopes to push into the Middle East, opening 22 locations across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

Translation and localization services will not only help companies better advertise to new markets, but they will also prove to customers that the business is making an effort to adapt to their needs. In the US and Canada, English to Spanish translation services has helped food chains to expand their business in the Hispanic markets. The Translation Company is one of the top providers of Spanish American translation services in the United States.

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