Business App Translation Released in Spanish

Thousands of business apps are available for iPhones, iPads, and Androids that help make life easier for their users. However, many apps only come in the language they were developed.

Making a business app translation in a different language is not as easy as simply having a translator go over the text. A business app translation would need to be created with new code by a developer.

Luckily, the creators of one iPad app realized how important a business app translation would be to their subscribers. Hence, they released a version of their app that underwent a Spanish translation.

StratPad is Now Available to Spanish-speaking Market

The iPad app is called StratPad, a step-by-step strategic business guide for small or medium-sized businesses. It is one of the top ten business apps in the iPad app store, and it has been downloaded in 59 countries since its release. People can use it to quickly get their strategic business plan started.

StratPad assists users in making financial projections, summary business plans, and Gantt charts. It integrates iPad technology by allowing users to print or email the reports they create. The release of the business app translation for the official Spanish translation was heavily researched.

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Translation Takes Linguistic Differences Into Account

When the creator of StratPad, Alex Glassey, worked on the translation to Spanish, he didn’t do it blindly. First, they conducted research and surveys to ensure the version would be well received, and they found that it would.

The translated app was in high demand for the U.S. Hispanic market. He also focused on making sure the Spanish weren’t just textbook Spanish with no regional language differences.

The translated app is available in European and Latin American Spanish. The app even offers user support in Spanish in case users have any questions or issues.

Even though an app will probably be most popular in the language of the native country in which it was developed, creators and developers would be grossly missing out on profit if they ignored the demands for their app in other languages.

Hispanic Population and the Need for Translations

Especially in the United States, where the Spanish-speaking population is almost a quarter of the total, offering a Spanish-language translation version of any app is profitable. If your company is releasing a translated app, make sure you hire a professional translator so that regional and grammatical errors are kept to a minimum.

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