The Repercussions of Incorrect Grammar on Social Media


Imagine being an influencer on social media. Imagine having the ability to sway opinions and having millions looking up to you. Many would argue that this is a great responsibility. However, do influencers also have a responsibility to be grammatically correct when posting on social media? Should they have impeccable vocabulary? While the general public may not be paying keen attention, there is a certain amount of policing that keeps an influencer’s grammar in check. The anonymous social media account, @englishbusters is notorious in pointing out Indonesian influencers using English incorrectly on their social media posts. However, @englishbusters can be “snarky”and “provocative” in their call-outs which can be embarrassing, especially for an influencer who doesn’t speak English as a first language. While the article focuses primarily on Indonesia, it also claims that there is a need to use English on social media sites by young influencers because they consider English to be “the successful language.” While Academics agree that correct grammar and an excellent vocabulary can make a huge difference in marketing, influencers should also not have to adhere to strict grammatical rules, especially if English isn’t their first language. More attention should be paid to the content of a post. What are your thoughts on social media influencers and accurate grammatical rules in English? Click on the link to read the full article! 



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