Ivey Publishing Uses Chinese Students for Translating


Since last year, Ivey Publishing has been recruiting student volunteers from the Ontario and London campus of the Ivey School of Business to help translate cases from English to simplified Chinese.

The students in Canada usually can’t find paying jobs while in school, but the Chinese translation they provide for Ivey Publishing is something they can add to their resumes.

Ivey Has Relied on Chinese Schools in the Past

The Ivey School of Business is the second largest publisher of analyzed corporate problems and solutions in the form of cases, and in the past, they have relied on schools in China to provide them with translation services. Now, they have turned to a different resource, namely Chinese students that attend the London or Ontario business school campuses.

This change has been beneficial for the school and also for the students because the school can’t pay the students for the translations they provide, but the students can use their experience on their resumes.

Since the students are studying business, the translations they provide help them work on their legal and business translation, and it also allows them to gain general translation experience for future jobs.  More and more business schools are starting up in China, and it has increased the demand for western style cases and other business content for teaching purposes. The new solution to translating cases has seemed to work well for everyone so far.

Source: The Globe and Mail


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