Best Translation Apps for Post-COVID Travel

Best Translation Apps for Post-COVID travel

Best Translation Apps for Post-COVID travel

COVID-19 disrupted plans for pretty much everyone. But now that the world is opening back up, you may be ready to get out there and go on an adventure in a foreign country.

That would’ve been hard to do in the past if you didn’t speak the language. But nowadays, there are tons of great translation apps available that allow you to communicate with locals in any far-flung destination.

There are a handful of these apps that will get the job done. But three clearly stand out as being superior to all the rest. We’ll tell you why in the sections below.

Google Translate

Google Translate is at the top of everyone’s list – and there are plenty of good reasons for that. It features:

  • Over 100 languages for text translation
  • 90 languages for image translations
  • 71 languages for live conversation translations
  • 59 languages available for offline use
  • A detecting language feature

You can use the app to translate words you see on signs with your camera, conversations you have with a passer-by, and in numerous other ways that will help to make your next trip a big success.

The best part? It’s free! You can download it on iOS or Android without paying a dime.

Microsoft Translate

Microsoft Translate is another great app that could be right for you if you’re not a fan of Google Translate for whatever reason. It offers many of the same features, including live conversation translations, image translations, and offline translations.

The downside to this app is that it doesn’t have quite as many languages available as Google Translate. But that won’t be an issue if you’re in an area where a major language is spoken.

The other nice distinguishing feature of Microsoft Translate is that it offers group conversations. So you can create a multi-lingual chatroom to stay in touch with all your friends.

Speak and Translate

Finally, rounding out our list is Speak and Translate. It keeps up with the two apps from the major tech companies above by offering features like:

  • Live conversation translation
  • Detect language features
  • Offline use for major languages
  • Text and image translations

This app is really popular because it has a clean interface and it completes translations really quickly. So if you’ve been annoyed with how slowly translations process on the Google or Microsoft apps, this one could be for you.

Speak and Translate also has an Apple Watch app with iCloud integration, which may be useful to you as well.

Don’t Leave Professional Translations to an App

Translations apps are super useful for post-COVID travel. But they make mistakes often. So if you’re going to be traveling for business, it’s usually a better idea to either hire an in-person translator or hire a company that can translate your important business documents.

If you’re looking for the latter, The Translation Company is here to help. We offer professional translation services in more than 200 languages and have experience working in every major industry.

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