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Traveling is one of the best parts of life. It gives people the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones, try something new, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The tourism industry is what makes this type of travel possible. It’s especially prevalent in LA – a region that receives tens of millions of visitors every year.

But tourism companies in the LA area can only be effective if they can engage with their target audience in their native languages. That’s why translation services for the tourism industry in Los Angeles are so important.

Below, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the LA tourism industry while also showing how translation services help it thrive. Keep reading to learn more.

Key Facts and Figures for LA Tourism

  • Nearly 30 million people visited LA in 2020
  • The occupancy rate for hotels in downtown LA was 7% in Q3 2021
  • Visitors spend an average of $18 billion per year in LA
  • Most international visitors come from Mexico, but many also visit LA from Canada, Britain, China, and Scandanavia

Statistics like these highlight the sheer size of tourism in the Los Angeles area. With data like this, it’s no wonder why tourism is one of the largest industries in LA.

COVID-19 and LA Tourism

The tourism industry has taken a hit in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. LA was affected by that just as every other global tourist destination was.

Before the pandemic, projections estimated that about 50 million people would visit Los Angeles in 2020. But the actual number of visitors that it received was about 30 million.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are loosening in many parts of the world, LA should see an increase in its tourism numbers. Indeed, we’re already seeing that happen with the city’s hotel occupancy rates.

In Q3 2020, the YTD hotel occupancy rate in downtown LA was 39.5%. But just a year later, in Q3 2021, that number had risen nearly 10% to reach 48.7%. This information suggests that the worse of LA’s tourism decline due to COVID-19 is likely over.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in Los Angeles

Tourists in Los Angeles contribute mightily to the local economy. They do so by visiting and paying for things at:

  • Sporting events and stadiums
  • Theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios
  • Attractions like the Hollywood Sign and the Walk of Fame
  • Restaurants and designer stores
  • And many other businesses and destinations

In 2018, the economic impact of LA’s tourists reached an impressive $36.6 billion. That number has declined a bit since COVID-19. But it’s still very high.

The reason that the economic impact of tourism is so great is that tourists don’t just spend money in LA. They also enable companies like hotels, theme parks, and restaurants to pay their employees’ wages. These wages go back into the LA economy as well.

Translation Services and LA’s Tourism Industry

Visitors come to Los Angeles from every part of the world. To make these guests feel welcome and enjoy their stay in the area, companies need to make information available in the guests’ native languages.

That’s why translation services and LA’s tourism industry go hand-in-hand. Professional translation firms help tourism businesses in the Los Angeles area in each of the following ways.

Attracting International Visitors

Marketing is a major component of convincing someone from another country to visit your hotel, restaurant, or business in Los Angeles. To do that well, native-language marketing materials are needed.

Translation firms help with this by creating translations provided by translators native in their languages:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media ads
  • Web content
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing blasts
  • And more

Helping Guests Feel Comfortable When They Arrive

Tourism businesses also want to make sure that their guests enjoy their stay once they arrive. Creating native language documentation helps a lot with this as well. That’s why translation companies routinely assist tourism businesses with:

  • Brochures
  • Instructions
  • Menus
  • Informational documents
  • Local advertisements
  • And more

Making It Easier to Travel

Finally, people will only come to Los Angeles from far-away destinations if they believe that traveling to it won’t be an overly complicated process. Professional translation companies help to ensure it isn’t by assisting with:

  • Flight information
  • Itinerary schedules
  • Maps
  • Travel guides
  • And more

Visit our Los Angeles Translation Services page to learn about other industry-targeted translation services provided to companies throughout California.

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