Translator's Affidavit

What the translator affidavit means

To ensure acceptance by immigration, government and employers, certain documents must be certified. This is the so-called certified translation service. One of the requirements of a certified translation is the translator's affidavit on it. A translator's affidavit will guarantee that:

  • The translated documents receive a statement signed by the translator or translation company representative
  • This statement includes the translator’s signature notarized by a Notary Public
  • It states that the translator believes that the target-language text is an accurate and complete translation of the source-language text.

Example of an actual translator's affidavit

Actual Legal Translation from The Translation Company

Signature of the translator at the bottom of the address

This certification's main goal is to let the reader know that  a professional translator crafted the translation and assures that it was done to the best of her/his knowledge.

Elements in a Certified Translation

These are must-have elements in a certified translation:

  • Translator's name, statement and signature (translator's affidavit)
  • Company stamp
  • Security seal with a number code for the translator
  • Golden seal with the company incorporation details


Sample of translation affidavit

This is one of the many translation affidavits used by US translation companies in the United States:

I, [translator's name], hereby declare that I am fluent in [language 1] and [language 2], and that this translation is a true, accurate and complete version of the original text to the best of my knowledge.

[Translator's signature]


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