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Washington DC is a hub where some of the most important work in the world gets completed. It's home to countless international organizations, government agencies, and businesses. Many of these have multilingual and global audiences.

If your organization is the same, then you may need Washington DC translation services to connect with your target audience and achieve your goals.

The Translation Company offers certified translation services that will help you meet your goals. Keep reading to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help.

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Who Our Translation Services Can Help

Federal Government Translations

Federal government organizations have an obligation to make their documents available in every language that their constituents want. We can help with that by providing certified translations of policy updates, memos, meeting notes, constituent outreach material, and more.

Translation Services for Nonprofit Organizations

We also offer certified translation services for nonprofit organizations. If you have a charity in Washington DC and you want to go international, we can help you break through language barriers with language translation from professional translators who get it right every time.

Legal Translation Services in Washington DC

We can also get your legal documents translated for you. We guarantee accuracy every time so that you know your translated documents will hold up in court every time.

Technology Translation Services

There are also plenty of technology companies with locations in Washington DC. If your company is one of them, you can count on us for a translation service that converts technical information into other languages without sacrificing accuracy.

Marketing and Sales Document Translation Services

Small businesses in the Washington DC area can rely on us to help them with interpreting services that help them take the next step towards their growth goals by connecting with a global audience.

Certified Document Translation Services That Are Accurate Every Time

Picture of a certified translation document

At The Translation Company, we guarantee the accuracy of our capital linguists. That doesn't just mean getting the words right. It also means helping you translate your material into a foreign culture and ensuring that it fits.

The bottom line is that we'll always give you the best results possible for translation services in Washington DC.

An Interpreting and Translation Agency You Can Trust

If you're going to hire a translation company to work on your projects, you need to make sure that you can trust them. But that's not an issue with The Translation Company.

Our team of translators is certified by the ADA, which you can verify for yourself if you wish. You can also look at our online reviews to see just how consistently we provide excellent results for our clients.

So why wait? If you have a translation need or want to start putting your content in front of other cultures, we can help. We offer affordable rates and the best interpreters in the Washington DC area.

Why Choose The Translation Company

Experienced Team

Our interpretation services team has decades of experience working on projects of all different sizes, languages, and content types. We have subject matter experts standing by to work on complicated jobs in life sciences, technology, and the legal field.

Our team of trained professionals is also certified by the American Translators Association, so you're guaranteed to get high-quality results and precise interpreting every time -- regardless of what your translation needs might be.

Translation Services in Every Language

The Translation Company hires native speakers of every language to provide you with a pristine translation of every foreign language, every time. We offer our services in over 500 languages and would be happy to assist you with whatever kind of translation help you need in Washington DC.

Industry-Leading Customer Support

Finally, we also make it extremely easy for you to get the language services you need in Washington DC. Just call us up or contact us online, tell us what you want, let us know your timeline, and we'll get the job done. Easy as that.


How To Get Started

Free Quote

#1  Contact us to get a free quote or questions answered, or
#2  Upload your files for an instant translation quote, or
#3  Schedule a free Zoom meeting with our team now.

Washington DC Translation Services FAQs

Are one-day translations available in Washington DC?

Yes! Depending on the nature of your project and our workload, we can absolutely sometimes complete one-day translations in the District of Columbia. The sooner you get in touch with us, the faster we can give you an answer.

Are your services available in Silver Spring?

Absolutely. We can provide our full range of services to your business or organization in any part of the broader Washington DC area.

Do you use machine translations?

Machine translation and interpretation services are an option, but only if it makes sense for your project.

For example, if you need a large amount of material translator quickly, we may use machine translation services reviewed by humans to complete the job on your timeline.

But we won't ever use these kinds of tools without asking you first.

Can you help me translate into more than one language?

Absolutely! We have translation services available across 500+ languages. No matter what language you want to target, there's a great chance we can do it for you.

How To Get Started

Free Quote

#1  Contact us to get a free quote or questions answered, or
#2  Upload your files for an instant translation quote, or
#3  Schedule a free Zoom meeting with our team now.

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