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Professional Services for Medical Companies

Spanish medical translation covers a broad scope of health-related topics. No matter what type of life services or medical product a company offers, it’s always our job to remember that a person’s life could be at stake, and that any mistake in translation, however slight, could pose a threat to one of their patrons.

This concern makes a couple of things certain. One; people depend on their medical company for the care, attention and treatment they deserve. Two; and even more importantly, companies depend on the accurate translations that we provide them so that they can provide their customers the correct resources they need.

Rest assured, The Translation Company has always provided pinpoint accurate translations and has always been lauded for our clear communication and achievements in our Spanish medical translations. You can check other languages we handle in our medical translation services.

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From Spain to the U.S. to Latin America

Medical Resources Are Globally Shared

As the world witnesses a greater sharing of worldwide medicine, there are numerous medical companies seeking the services of medical translation to help with their multicultural supply of medical resources. Modern medicines found in Spanish-based countries like Spain and Ecuador are used in the United States by medical practitioners. Similarly, medical advances made in the United States are in high demand throughout the U.S. and throughout the world, both of which include densely populated Spanish-speaking regions.

If your company is in the market for translation services, it is imperative to hire a professional translation company that has significant experience in Spanish medical translation. At The Translation Company, we only offer medically inclined and industry-experienced translators for your medical translation needs. Our highly qualified medical translators will take in to account every precise measure to ensure an accurate Spanish translation of your medical project. We understand the devastating impact that any sort of mistranslation could create regarding medical translation, which is why our record is free of translation errors, linguistic blemishes, or medical mishaps.

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Specialists For Every Field At Hand

Our professional team of translators comes from an array of science disciplines, so your company can have the peace of mind that a specialist in the field at hand will produce your translation. With so many responsibilities riding on the line with medical translation, a company should definitely find medical translation services they can trust. With many companies offering Spanish translation, choose a company that you can trust. Our commitment to our clients has proven to be a success for one simple reason — we execute your translation requests right the first time down to the last detail.

Sample Areas of Expertise

  • Oncology and Neurology
  • Endocrinology and Ophthalmology
  • Immunology and Family Practice
  • Medical Equipment and Patient Compliance
  • General Practice and Pharma
  • Dental and Eye Care
  • Medical Research

Sample List of Documents to Be Translated

  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Patient Reports
  • Medical Files
  • Medical User Guides
  • HIPPA Rules
  • Healthcare Forms and Contracts

Complete Confidentiality For Your Medical Information

With years of experience in the Spanish medical translation business, we have helped countless medical companies from all over the world. We are proud of our reputation, which is one of professionalism and dedication.

Furthermore, we are also proud of our strict confidentiality policy that promises that no one from The Translation Company will disclose any information regarding your project that you deem classified. Privacy guidelines in the medical field are stringent, and all of our employees faithfully adhere to any and all standards that are in place worldwide. To further give you peace of mind, we gladly offer a non-disclosure agreement, which is free of charge. Privacy is important to your company, and upholding our promise is important to us.

a look at hippa requirements

A Look At HIPPA Requirements

With Spanish as one of the most prevalent languages spoken in the world, it is important for your medical company to have a Spanish translation company that you can trust. Anywhere from translation of medical equipment manuals to translating HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), it is essential have a reputable translation service that has experience in medical translation. As any healthcare company should know, HIPPA is a complex law that establishes many rules and regulations that impact the way in which the healthcare field is managed.

Because of the legal implications associated with HIPPA, it is important for any medical company to have a proper translation of the laws that derive from it. Any mistake in translation could expose your company to sanctions and could cost thousands — if not millions -of dollars in legal penalties. In order to avoid such problems, your company needs the help of a Spanish translation company that has experience in translating HIPPA and other complex medical documents and reports. At The Translation Company, we have a knowledgeable base of experts to handle any type of medical document, including HIPPA. Trust only the best — trust The Translation Company.

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Hiring an Experienced Translation Company

There are many things to consider when hiring a Spanish translation service. First, you want a Spanish translation service that guarantees that your company will be 100% satisfied with the translation services that are provided. If any Spanish translation company refuses to do this, it is because they aren´t confident in what they have to offer.

Second, you want a Spanish translation company that employs translators and interpreters that are native to the target language. Failing to hire a native linguist can create many issues, including misinterpretation of dialects and other small details that can only be picked up by the native speaker. Third, you want a Spanish translation company that employs only certified translators and interpreters.

And finally, you want a translation service that is strict about its confidentiality policies and procedures. Since the medical field is a highly regulated field with regard to patient privacy matters, it is essential to have a translation company that will protect all of your and patients important information. At The Translation Company, we are confident that if you choose us, you will be more than satisfied with our services. As the leader in medical Spanish translation, let us prove to you how we have become the choice of hundreds clients from around the world.

The Translation Company — Setting the Bar for Medical Translation

At The Translation Company, we realize that there are many translation services to choose from. However, if you want consistently dedicated work from Spanish translators and interpreters, choose us. Our professional, expert staff will ensure all of your company´s documents and reports will be accurately translated. We have proven to be the best because of our years of experience in medical translation. Don´t rely on second best — try The Translation Company.   


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