English to Portuguese translation

Our translation from English to Portuguese is tailored to companies looking into expanding to Brazilian or Portuguese markets.

We offer the right solutions when your project has many documents, if you need to have one or more documents translated into several languages, or if you want someone to manage the project for you. In addition to managing English to Portuguese translation projects and offering editing, proofreading and desktop publishing, we provide other services such as software and Web site localization.

To ensure that you are receiving quality services from competent English to Portuguese translators, we control indicators such as years of experience, formal education in translation, and accreditation from organizations such as the American Translators Association.

We are also capable of handling rush English to Portuguese jobs. Task forces are assigned for overnight translations, including PowerPoint presentations, contract translations, legal texts, financial statements and others.

Our agency offers a confidentiality agreement at no extra cost. Our confidentiality agreement gives you the peace of mind that your texts will be treated with all the securities necessary for confidential English to Portuguese translation.

For more information on our Portuguese language services, please contact us at sales@thetranslationcompany.com.

Did you know?

Few companies are able to offer a full-cycle English translation to Portuguese overnight including: quotation, document preparation, terminology file creation, translation, formatting, edition, proofreading.

English to Portuguese Translations

The Increasing Demand for translations from English to Portuguese

Portuguese is a considered one of the romance languages and has well over 200 million speakers worldwide. What is most surprising to a lot of people is that the language is considered one of the fastest growing languages in the world. Because Portuguese is the official language of over 5 countries, it is no surprise that the demand for English to Portuguese translation is increasing at an astonishing rate. Large corporations, international law firms, banks and other financial institutions are now tapping into the Portuguese-speaking countries because of the valuable economic opportunities that are available.

Consider this: Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. The economic power of Brazil is remarkable and should not be ignored.  It has the largest economy in Latin America and is the 10th largest economy in the world in terms of market exchange rates. Within the past few years, Brazil is seeing growth in all business sectors despite the global economic problems facing many countries. So why is English to Portuguese translation so significant? The answer is simple: countries that have Portuguese as their official language are growing both in terms of economic power and in terms of outside business investments. With the increasing demand for English to Portuguese translation, it is crucial to find a translation company who has the experience and background in providing accurate English to Portuguese translation. The Translation Company, the leader in English to Portuguese translation, is the company of choice among many companies throughout the world.

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The Right Translation Agency

Before you make the investment in hiring an English to Portuguese translation company, there are a number of things to consider. First, do your research. Determine whether the company employs translators that specialize in the subject areas that you require.

  • For instance, if you need English to Portuguese translation for legal documents or engineering manuals, make sure the translators have the background experience in the disciplines of the law and engineering.
  • Second, inquire whether the company has a Quality Assurance Program to ensure your translation requirements are met in a reliable and efficient manner.
  • Third, make sure the translation company offers a confidentiality guarantee. As with many business and legal matters, it is essential to have your confidential information protected.
  • Fourth, look at the length of time the English to Portuguese translation company has been in business – be wary of any translation company that has been in business for less than 5 years.
  • Finally, look to see if the company has a high client retention rate.

The Translation Company – Nothing Short of Quality and Reliability

Since 1998, The Translation Company has been providing quality English to Portuguese translation for hundreds of satisfied clients. With a dedicated team of translators, interpreters, proofreaders and project managers, you can rest assured that your English to Portuguese translation needs will be met with the utmost care and commitment. Known for its experts and friendly staff, The Translation Company should be the company of choice for you. If quality and reliability are important to you or your company, consider The Translation Company.

Looking for certified / legal translations? Learn more about our legal English to Portuguese Translations here.

Translations from English to Portuguese

There is no perfect English Portuguese translation, but we try to get as close to that as possible! The Translation Company has different quality control procedures in place, including the careful choice of experienced professional translators, use of support terminology memory tools, and editors to review our jobs. Our business workflow is a Constant Quality Control Process. Quality and accuracy are monitored throughout every stage of a translation project. Quality metrics are measured and tracked.

Some steps we take in order to offer you a high quality English Portuguese translation:

1. our translators are screened not only for language ability but also for technical knowledge. Applicants take standardized tests in their technical area.
2. Following translation, each document is edited by a staff technical editor or a second translator to insure technical accuracy and address issues of language nuance. Again, the work is assigned to a specialist according to subject matter in the English Portuguese translation.
3. Document specialists then implement revisions, complete formatting, and insert recreated graphics.
4. A proofreader provides a third quality check. This review confirms that editing changes and formatting were properly implemented, and that there are no omissions or typographical errors in the English Portuguese translation.


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