Mandarin Translation

a.k.a Simplified Chinese

Mandarin is most widely spoken Chinese dialect as compared to other one’s. Mandarin translation services are more in the form of interpretations or other applications where oral translation of language is required. There are around a thousand million Mandarin speakers globally. These figures in the modern times of business globalization could very well give an idea of the market potential for Mandarin translation services.

Mandarin is spoken mainly by Chinese staying in locations other than China. The countries where Mandarin is spoken are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, etc.

Thus the Mandarin translation services could find market in various locations globally to translate from English to Mandarin and Mandarin to English.

Mandarin translation services have various areas of application. The different applications of the Mandarin translation are in:-

  • Legal profession,
  • Medical and Healthcare field,
  • Entertainment industry,
  • Advertising industry,
  • Education field,
  • Manufacturing industries, etc.

English to Mandarin & Mandarin to English

Mandarin translation services in legal field are required for interpretation of the accused or appellant in specific legal matters in the Court of Law. The service provider in legal field needs to be a certified/registered interpreter with the court. The translator/ interpreter in such case should have basic knowledge of the legal terms and proceedings to execute the translation perfectly.

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Mandarin translation services are required in the medical and healthcare field for narrating clinical trial questionnaires, patient surveys, consent recordings of patients, for giving instructions for the patients, etc. The translator or interpreter working in this field should necessary have in depth knowledge of the medical field or in many situations the complex medical terms could never be understood creating a big flaw in interpreted information. This could lead to serious trouble for the patients.

In the entertainment industry the Mandarin translation services are mainly required for dobbing of movies from source language to Mandarin especially for the Mandarin speaking viewers. The entertainment industry has very large project opportunities for Mandarin translation and it surely would have steady growth in the days to come.

The Advertising industry also has similar opportunities for providers of Mandarin translation services. The advertisements of multinational companies that are generally in English are to be translated to Mandarin dialect for targeting the Chinese consumer.

The education field now is mostly hi tech. Most of the educational lectures or teachings are done using the tools of information technology. The e-learning concept that is in trend requires voice-overs in different language depending upon the end users language. This is the situation where Mandarin translation services are required to convert the source language to Mandarin for the Mandarin speaking students.

The application of Mandarin translation in manufacturing industries is similar to the educational field where the translation of information for Mandarin speaking employees is done as per the requirement set by the management board of the organization.
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