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Professional Translators

Professional translators are available for all types of projects, fields, and industries. As a one-stop shop, we can assist you with all your document translation needs.  Getting started with the right translation vendor will ensure the successful completion of your translation project. Professional translations into over 200 languages at competitive rates. Contact us today for a free quote. We have the right professional translators for your needs.

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We understand what professional means for the translation business: quality translation services provided on time and within budget.

Our company is a Certified Women's Owned Business:

We employ professional translators

Global business relies on translation and localization services to access markets speaking different languages. Companies with clients overseas may need assistance in translating their clients’ legal documents, business proposals, or marketing documents.

Members of the American Translators Association

Accredited Translators & Interpreters

Even companies that perform all of their business in the US may need translation services because a large share of the Hispanice population will prefer to buy products and services labeled in Spanish. Other companies need translation services when sponsoring employees coming from abroad. Other companies may buy products and services from abroad, and a professional translation service will assure a clear and effective communication between your employees and these suppliers.

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Choosing Your Translation Vendor: Do It Right the First Time!

When selecting a professional translation company, make sure they have an excellent reputation and are capable of handling all of your translation needs. The Translation Company can ensure that all of your translation needs will be met quickly, affordable, and without quality issues.

Professional Translators

Our company is accredited by the American Translators Association and the New York Circle of Translators. Our translators are certified by major translation associations in the US and abroad.

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Industry-Targeted Translations

Our team of translators is collectively able to translate documents into over 100 languages. We can assist you with translating:

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Business and
  • Technical

Professional translators work on their specialties. For instance, legal translators will focus on legal translation assignments, while business translators will work on business-related projects. Other translation-related Services: proofreading, notarization, graphic design

One-Stop Professional Translation

Don’t Get Lost in Translation – Hire Professionals.

Worried about a short deadline to get hundreds of business documents translated on time? Stuck with trying to communicate to clients and partners overseas? Need some professional help? The Translation Company is here to assist with your company’s translating needs. We are a full-service translation company and language provider, offering you professional translation and localization such as:

  • documents
  • websites
  • software
  • online applications
  • multimedia materials

We are responsive, flexible, and creative solutions that fit your needs rather than forcing clients to fit ours. With our high-quality translators working fast and efficiently on your project, your business will flourish with the new aspect of being multilingual.

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North America: 1.800.725.6498
International: +1-212-300-5990

Don’t let your company fall by the wayside just because you can’t communicate with other cultures - hire a translation company to do the talking for you. If success is what you’re looking for, let The Translation Company guide you the way.

Certified Translations with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Professional Website Translation

Showcase Your Business Globally

Get your products and services global with The Translation Company. Our company makes it easier for you to expand your clientele and work boldly in other languages such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese. We hire professional translators only so that our clients have access to the best talent to translate their content and websites. Our professional language translation services are tailored to financial services, medical services, business, manufacturing, and law. Our professional translators work with strict quality assurance requirements to provide the accuracy you need to take your business global.

5 Top Reasons for Translating Your Website

  1. Expand into new markets: this means more customers and more revenues for your company
  2. Better customer experience: even in the US, there are dozens of languages spoken as an everyday language by a large part of the population. These customers can understand much better their mother language, which translates into more sales and revenue
  3. Comply with laws and regulations: some industries in some states will be required by law to offer information in other languages. Spanish is almost a must for dozens of industries in the US
  4. Increase traffic to your website: a larger website with a more robust language portfolio will usually rank better on Google. This means more exposure, even for the English content on your website.
  5. Get ahead of your competitors: the future is going global. Why waiting until everyone else translates their website to get your job done? Be a leader and lead your organization towards a global approach to your business.

The Translation Company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Have the peace of mind from guaranteed unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied. Our translation company will also work with tight deadlines, budget adjustments, and last-minute additions. Yes, we cater to your needs, which is why The Translation Company is known for our over-the-top customer service. You can have all this in 200 languages at an unbeatable price. Your company can’t afford not to hire a professional translation company.

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North America: 1.800.725.6498
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Serving Fortune 500 Companies

Hiring a reputable company to provide you with a professional website translation may help increase your success, clientele and get your business to the top. The Translation Company has years of experience serving such large enterprises as Chase Bank, New York University, and Bank of America.


So you can trust our professional translators to match your standards. Don’t delay - call or e-mail us today for a free quote. Become more successful by going global with the help of The Translation Company.

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