Translation Service Muuzii now Offers Expert Translations via SMS


With the development of the World Wide Web and its accessibility, people were finally able to communicate with each other, conduct business transactions and share their knowledge across the globe. The only thing which hindered this communication was the inability to speak in a foreign tongue, and with the appearance of various translation software, that barrier was diminished to an even greater degree. Although not perfect, translation software served its purpose to ensure people could get the main idea across to one another and, if nothing else, made the process of translation significantly more rapid. Muuzii even went a step further and boosted the accessibility of their translation services by discarding the need for a translation app. Now, anyone can use Muuzii translation by simply sending a message, regardless of whether someone is an owner of a smartphone or not.

Available for an ordinary cell phone

As we all know, in order for your cell phone device to have any kind of app installed, its prior requirement is that a phone is a smart phone. Since a majority of AI translators were apps, they were, in a way, limited. By allowing people to have access to their services via SMS, Muuzii managed to expand their reach and acquired a wider range of consumers. Subscripting to this commodity is available on the AT&T for the people living in South or North America.

Types of service

There are two ways to inquire a certain translation, or two types of service, Muuzii message and Muuzii speak. Both are pretty self-explanatory, Muuzii message requires the user to send a text message which contains either words, phrases or a whole text they want to have translated and they will receive their translation in short notice. Muuzii speak is used by sending an MMS which includes an audio recording of a word, phrase or text, and just like with Muuzii speak, in a matter of seconds, one will receive the desired translation. The translation itself is accurate and it is available for the English, Chinese or Spanish language. Due to its speed and accuracy, it can be used in everyday conversation whenever someone finds himself/herself communicating with a foreigner. You can use Muuzii speak to both understand the other party and to say what you want.

About Muuzii

Muuzii was founded by Eric and Lin Fang for the sake of helping people communicate in English and Chinese. During the last year, Muuzii joined forces with AT&T for the purpose of bringing these services to the US and breaking the barrier posed by language across the globe. The accuracy of this service can be contributed to the fact that Muuzii uses people to manage translations, and they are available 24/7.  The ability to handle foreign language translations involves a lot of complex operations and, currently, there is software that can mimic the function of our brains to perfection. The meaning of a word is always related to context. Additionally, there are idioms, phrasal verbs and metaphors. Having a program that can hold all that data and use it to provide a grammatically correct translation is still out of our grasp. Combining the efficiency of machines and the minds of humans is so far the best solution for this kind of problem, and another reassurance that our brains are still irreplaceable.

Translations soon available for other languages


Additionally, Fang stated that we should anticipate another expansion of this service in the aspect of languages, meaning our cell phones are soon to become multi-lingual devices as well. Another thing responsible for enhancing the performance of the operators is a growing database of common translation requests. As this database gains in size, the speed of translation delivery will increase along with it.

Finally, we are one step closer to the world witnessed only in the science fiction movies, where people have gadgets that help them decipher what is written or help them understand what someone is saying. Even an older model cell phone can now serve for this wonderful purpose and it can even help you in case you are lost and in need of directions from someone who is not a speaker of the same language as you.

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