Ohio State University Gets Nine Million Dollars for Asian Languages

Ohio State University has been awarded a three year, nine million dollar grant to open four institutes in Asia for U.S. language students to be enrolled in immersion programs.

There will be limited translation services available as U.S. students take advantage of the program and move to the Asian campuses to fully immerse themselves in an East Asian language of their choice.

Language Institutes in China and Other Countries

The department of East Asian Languages will be setting up language centers in a variety of different Asian countries.

The institutes are so that students studying Eastern Asian languages will be more knowledgeable about the Asian cultures and how life is conducted; this is an experience that can’t be found easily in the United States. In order to be able to provide professional translation services for future careers, the students need to be more than just fluent in the language, they need to also be fluent in the culture.

Gala Walker, one of the Ohio State professors who helped the University win the grant, says that in order for the university students to have successful China-related careers, they will be provided with proper Chinese language and culture education. Chinese translations are in high demand in the business world in America as well as other countries, and the students enrolled in Ohio State’s program will receive quality instruction from the new language institutes.

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