Spanish Website Translation Becoming Commonplace

As the Spanish-speaking population grows in the United States, more businesses realize the importance of offering a Spanish translation option on their website. No matter what type of website the company might have, they are missing out on a major part of the market in the United States by not giving these people an option to use the site via website translation.

Of course, these people could translate the entire thing with an online translation service, but they will more likely seek out another website that offers the same products or services in their native language because they decided to use website translation. So, offering an option to translate the page is good for business. One small company in Atlanta has caught onto the trend and now features an icon at the top of the page for the translated site.

Cleaning Company in Atlanta has Added “Español” Icon

EMJ Cleaning is a small residential and office cleaning service in Atlanta, GA. Though their business isn’t national or even statewide, they saw the importance of adding an English-to-Spanish website translation of their site, and they redid their entire website to accommodate Spanish-speaking customers.   Not only does their site offer a Spanish text section, but everything on that section has also been translated. For example, the words on each icon have been translated to Spanish so that visitors can easily navigate the page.

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Offering a Spanish Translation Shows you Care

Yes, by implementing website translation to your domain, you will get more visitors and therefore make more sales by reaching a wider audience. However, there is another, less quantifiable benefit to adding a Spanish-language translation page to your company’s website. When Spanish-speaking visitors find your site, they’ll see that you took the time to create this section, showing that you care. Especially if you use a quality professional translation service to make sure the translation is accurate, they will be impressed and will even be more apt to do business with your company.

Creating an entirely new section of your website is costly, but the investment will make sense when you start making more sales from your Spanish-speaking audience. Whether you’re ready or not, people who speak Spanish as their first language are growing to make up a large part of the United States population, and soon enough, offering a translation to Spanish for all of your marketing materials and written collateral will be mandatory.

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