Launch of Dominos Spanish App

Domino’s Pizza is ready to launch a new App that is entirely in the Spanish language. Dominos Spanish app will allow Hispanic consumers to send in orders in Spanish as well as browse the mobile version of the main Domino’s website. Dominos Spanish app records a Spanish translation of a pizza order and is then sent out and either converted to English on the other end or simply read in Spanish by one of the employees.

App Designed for Smartphones Set to Spanish Settings

The makers of the Dominos Spanish app and Domino’s chief marketing officer, Russell Weiner, says that that app is for anyone who speaks Spanish as their primary language, but the app is specifically for people who have their smartphones set to Spanish.

The same app is also available in English, but Weiner says the company wants Spanish-language speakers to feel like they are valued customers as well, and so they have created an English to Spanish translation of the app specifically for Hispanic customers who have their phones already set to the Spanish settings.

The Dominos Spanish app is the exact same as the English version, and the customers will have full access to the menu, coupons, specials, directions, and phone numbers to the nearest Domino’s Pizza restaurants. The app is already available for download and will be regularly updated along with the other language versions.

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