The Year of the Latino Vote

There has been a lot of talk this year about the “ year of the Latino vote. ” However, that hasn’t been based off of truth as much as it has been based off of the debates between Romney and Obama. Additionally, it's been based off of as other snippets of media that have made people go crazy over the possible wave of Latino voters who could show up at the polls in November. Even Time Magazine jumped on board with the headline in March titled “Yo Decido.” The English to Spanish translation is “I Decide.”

The Year of the Latino Vote – Why So Much Hype?

One of the reasons people have been talking about the year of the Latino vote this year is because it’s been in the news so often. There have been dozens of news articles each week with something about the Latino vote written across the top. People don’t need a Spanish translator to tell them that the Hispanic community is on many voters’ minds as Election Day draws nearer. Romney’s joke about having to be Hispanic to get the Latino vote might have been true, but it has also gone viral over the internet and has generated a lot of chatter about the Latino vote in general. Unfortunately, it has also drawn a lot of scorn and derogatory remarks towards the Latino community. Obama has also been quick to speak his mind about the Latino vote this year by claiming that the biggest failure of his first term was not passing comprehensive immigration reform.  Very soon, we will find out just how much influence this year’s Latino vote will have. 


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