Hispanic Stores Robbed by Masked Man

Unfortunately, in recent news, there have been Hispanic stores robbed by a masked man. A man masked with a false beard and wig has been robbing Hispanic stores at gunpoint in the Burien area of Washington State. The man seems to be targeting Hispanic businesses only, and appears to be Hispanic himself. Eyewitnesses have said that they aren’t sure what he looks like, but the parts they were able to see under the wig and beard suggest that he is Latino, and he was also reported to have spoken broken Spanish.

Suspect Was Last Seen in Dark Sunglasses and a Blond Wig

The disguise the gunman chose to wear did not completely obscure his features. Police say to be on the lookout for a Hispanic male around twenty years old. He is described as being anywhere between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-9. He also has a thin mustache in addition to a blond wig and dark sunglasses. Apparently the suspect has been fairly rough with his momentary hostages. In one store, he demanded more money from the cashier.

The Spanish to English translation that was recorded from witnesses was simply “I want more money.”  The gunman has been responsible for several different armed robberies in Burien during the last month. Spanish translations of eyewitness accounts have provided the majority of the details and descriptions of the gunman.

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