Online Catchiest Program for Hispanic Ministry Leaders

An online program through the University of Dallas School of Ministry is now offering a certificado en teologia pastoral; the Spanish translation would be a “certificate in pastoral theology.” The degree is entirely taught in the Spanish language and is a one of a kind opportunity. The program is for Hispanic ministry leaders in the Hispanic Catholic community in the United States, and will enable Hispanic ministry leaders to become master catechists for the archdiocese of Atlanta.

Year of the Faith

Pope Benedict XVI has called for this year to be “Year of the Faith,” and has invited the Hispanic ministry leaders to participate in the newly offered program. The program lasts for three years and consists of twelve courses in theology, and six courses in pastoral studies. The fact that the entire program is taught in Spanish is what makes this program unique. It isn’t a program that provides students with an English to Spanish translation of the materials, it is made specifically for Catholic Hispanics who are involved in ministry and evangelism in the Hispanic Catholic community.

The course will teach church history and about the church fathers as well as pastoral skills like youth ministry and young adult ministry. The students will also learn about church liturgy, the sacraments, spirituality, and prayer. There are only a hundred spots open in the program, and priority enrollment is given to people recommended for the program by their pastors. The courses are not rigorously academic. Rather, they are to provide a working knowledge about the ways of the church in a manner that is simple and practical for people in active ministry. The classes are taught by professors with advanced degrees and the program itself is offered from one of the most prestigious Catholic universities in the country. All of the materials are in Spanish, including a weekly 40-minute video so that no student is required to have Spanish translation services.

66 Churches in the Atlanta Diocese Are Encouraged to Participate

Spanish-speaking Hispanics don’t often get to experience a full college program without a Spanish translator, this makes the program a very unique opportunity for Hispanic ministry leaders in the Atlanta Diocese. In fact, it’s such a good opportunity that the 66 churches in the diocese are being encouraged to recommend a member of their church to enroll in the program. Those recommended by their pastors will receive a scholarship from the archdiocese to help cover the cost of the program. For everyone else, the program will cost $670 per year, and the students can set up payment schedules to help manage the cost. In addition to meeting online, some parishes are offering to host study groups for the program attendees as well.

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