Obama and America’s Largest Spanish Newspaper

This last week, Obama picked up an endorsement from La Opinión, the largest Spanish newspaper in the United States. The Los Angeles-based, Spanish newspaper endorsement of the President isn’t really that shocking considering that he has had support from the majority of the Latino community throughout the country. The Spanish translation from the news webpage states that “there is no clearer choice for Hispanic voters than to re-elect President Barrack Obama.”

The Hispanic Vote Sides with Economic Issues Rather Than Immigration

Many Hispanic voters have said that they will vote for Obama over Romney, but it isn’t because of Obama’s immigration policies, it’s because of his economic plans. Even though immigration has been a hot topic with both Romney and Obama, the Hispanic community is just as concerned for the economy as the rest of America. However, Romney’s stances on immigration have undoubtedly turned away Hispanic voters despite the community focus on economic issues. Both sides are still trying to recruit Hispanic voters though, and the recent Spanish ads don’t need a Spanish to English translation to tell us that.

The official Spanish translation from La Opinión says that the Hispanic community has benefited immensely from Obamacare, which provided nine million people in the Hispanic community with healthcare. The polls from the Spanish newspaper also report that many Latinos are distrustful of Romney’s economic pitch. Many also feel that communication with the Hispanic communities across America have been an issue with the Romney campaign. This has pushed away even more Hispanic voters and turned them towards Obama.

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