Project Management Services

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And Liaison Services in Brazil

The Translation Company Liaison:

  • A means of communication between different groups or units of one or several organizations in the US and Brazil.
  • A person who maintains communication, i.e., serves as the Marketing Director’s liaison with clients in Brazil.
  • A close relationship, connection, or link to Brazil

Project Management Services Provided by The Translation Company

Our professional market experts bring Brazil to your doorstep and are key to your success! The Translation Company, a New York and Sao Paulo based company, is ideally located to provide services to meet all of your language needs in Brazil.

To provide top-notch professional, cost effective, accurate and seamlessly consistent services, we have established strategic alliances and networks with professionals throughout Brazil. Our Liaison services include:

  • On demand translation
  • On demand interpretation
  • Business arrangements
  • Visa support
  • Assistance at Brazilian airports
  • Liaison with government, ministries and departments
  • Phone line in Brazil directed to a US phone line
  • Services hiring, Partner search, Security hiring
  • Details About Our Project Management Services

On demand translation and interpretation

Once you hire our language services, you will be able to use our translators and interpreters on demand. That means you will not have to provide Purchase Orders or ask for quotations. You may simply send an email directly to your counterpart in Brazil, copying our translator, and we will provide a translation to the recipient within the next few minutes. Phone calls are also facilitated through our conference calls with simultaneous interpretation services.

Travel Arrangements

Questions such as “What is the best hotel in this city?”, “How is the weather now?”, “What kind of business attire is appropriate?”, or “Is it safe to go by myself to a specific area of the city?” may take hours of your time. We have the knowledge to support your travel planning, and we can provide all the arrangements needed for a highly productive business trip.

Visa Support

We arrange visas for foreign corporate representatives / foreign delegates / Groups to visit Brazil, at the asking speed.

Assistance at Brazilian Airports

We provide booking of flights, transportation by car and reservations of AAA hotels in your city of destination.

Liaison with Government, Ministries and Departments

We also undertake Liaison assignments with the Government of Brazil / Ministries, interacting with ministries, businesses, embassies, such as:

  • Brazilian Ministry of Health
  • Brazilian Ministry of Power
  • Brazilian Ministry of Information & Technology
  • Brazilian Ministry of Communication
  • Brazilian Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • Brazilian Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas
  • Brazilian Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Brazilian Ministry of Commerce & Industry
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