Red Lobster Tries to Attract Hispanic Customers

In order to attract more Hispanic customers, the restaurant Red Lobster has launched a new Spanish language marketing campaign. This new campaign is designed to tap into a whole new group of potential Hispanic customers that has been largely unreached by the popular seafood restaurant.

Ads with Spanish-language translation have already started to appear in newspapers, and the restaurant is also partnering with Univision Communications Inc.

Restaurant Advertised as Family Friendly

To make a connection to prospective Hispanic customers, Red Lobster is stressing the fact that their restaurants are family friendly. This could appeal to many Latino families that often like to spend dinners with friends and family. Stewart Marquina, director of marketing at Florida-based Red Lobster says, “We know that many Hispanics see the dining experience as an opportunity to bring family and friends together to celebrate, share and bond so that important moment in time is brought to life in the ad.”

The ad featured on the Univision T.V. station will be shown during a popular entertainment show called “El Gorgo y La Flaca.” The part of the show that features the ad is called “La Pregunta Fresca del Dia,” and the Spanish translation is “Fresh Question of the Day.”

Changes Are Being Made

In addition to launching a Spanish-language advertisement campaign, Red Lobster is now offering Spanish-language menus, and all of the restaurants have pledged to be hospitable to their Hispanic customers. Even more changes include additions to the menu and a decrease in prices.

The menus now offer other food items besides seafood, and many of the dishes are now $15 or less. Since this is the first Spanish-language advertisement that Red Lobster has ever done, they are pulling out all the stops to make sure that their prospective Hispanic customers feel welcomed.

The main tagline for the campaign is “Disfruta un Mar de Sabores.” The Spanish to English translation would be “Enjoy a Sea of Flavors,” and indeed the new, Hispanic customers will enjoy a wide variety of food choices, especially now that more items are being offered.

Also, other establishments in the Darden Restaurant chain will also be making new changes in the near future. Restaurants like Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse will be starting to include their own Spanish-language advertising once they see how well the campaign works for the Red Lobster restaurants.

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