Localization of Content into Spanish

Get your Content ready for Hispanic cultures and systems.

Localization’s purpose is to take the original information out of its language’s elements and transform it so that it is beneficial for other locales. Local languages is where you’ll need localization so that cultural relevance and customs are clearly understood if information needs to be relayed from one culture to another.

The Spanish localization includes treatment of the following components:

  • The Spanish Language itself
  • Systems of numerals
  • Spelling variants for different countries where Spanish is spoken, e.g., Argentinean Spanish vs. Mexican Spanish
  • Graphical representations of text (printed materials, online images containing text)
  • Spoken (Audio)
  • Subtitling of film and video
  • Date/time format

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Other aspects handled in a localization translation project:

  • Formatting of numbers (decimal points, positioning of separators, character used as separator)
  • Time zones (UTC in internationalized environments)
  • Currency
  • Images and colors: issues of comprehensibility/cultural appropriateness
  • Names and titles
  • Government-assigned numbers (such as the Social Security number in the US, and National ID in Mexico) and passports
  • Telephone numbers, addresses, and international postal codes
  • Weights and measures
  • Paper sizes

There is no “single Spanish language.”

It is important to remember that different countries have different choices in terms of:

  • National varieties of Spanish
  • Local customs
  • Local content
  • Aesthetics
  • Cultural values and social context

Our development team has a deep knowledge of the target country and its cultures. Although the Real Academia Española has helped standardize the spelling, there are many variations in pronunciation and the usage of words. Argentinian Spanish (es-AR) is often used as a typical Latin American variety of Spanish. Mexican Spanish serves as a model for the Spanish spoken in the United States.

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