North Carolina College Students Teach Elementary School Spanish

Students from Davidson College in North Carolina have partnered with Davidson Elementary school to help students learn elementary school Spanish. The elementary school Spanish class is taught for 45 minutes, and the students learn by singing songs as well as practicing conversation, as well as reading and writing in Spanish.

The classes are immersion classes, so Spanish translation services are not offered during the 45 minutes, and all language, whether it is read, spoken, or written, is entirely in the Spanish language.

Beyond Language Skills in Elementary School Spanish

The people who volunteer for the elementary school Spanish program are still students themselves but have extensive backgrounds in the Spanish language. The teachers at both the college and elementary school have found that not only are the younger students picking up Spanish at a rapid rate.

But, college students are gaining more confidence in their teaching abilities and in their ability to become language teachers and translators. The practice has also helped a few students become much better at fluent Spanish to English translation.

Because the Spanish class has gone so well, it has paved the way for more languages to flourish at Davidson Elementary. Along with the Spanish instruction time during the elementary school classes, an after-school Chinese club has been introduced. Unlike the in-class immersion practices, the after-school Chinese program provides some language translation services for the students. The students are also learning about Chinese culture in addition to the language.

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