Political Parties in Portugal

Political Parties of Portugal

In 1974, the Carnation Revolution changed Portugal from a dictatorship into a democracy. This opened the doors to many new political ideas. These political ideas began to take hold and people founded new political parties.

As of 2009, the parties represented in the Portuguese parliament are the Socialist Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Popular Party, the Left Bloc, the Communist Party, and the Green Party.

Political parties in Portugal are divided into 5 categories: Left, center left, center, center right, and right.

Political parties that fall under Left-wing are:

  • Left Bloc – This party was formed in 1999. Left Bloc calls themselves a modern alternative to the Communist party. They focus much of their effort on legalizing abortion and drugs.
  • Portuguese Communist Party – Founded in 1921, the Portuguese Communist Party used to be one of the most influential parties in Portugal
  • Portuguese Workers’ Communist Party – Founded in 1970 and formerly a pro-Chinese party, this political party is the largest in Portugal with no representation in Parliament.
  • Ecologist Party or “The Greens” – Founded in 1982 and traditionally allied with the communist party.


  • Socialist Party – Founded in 1973, the leader of the Socialist Party is José Sócrates. He is the current prime minister of Portugal.
  • Humanist Party – Founded in 1999.


  • Hope for Portugal – Founded in 2008.
  • Merit and Society Movement – Founded in 2007, all of their policies and political beliefs are based on a book: Change Portugal – The intelligent Revolution, which was written by their founder, Eduardo Correia.
  • Democratic Party of the Atlantic – Founded in 1974 this party used to be an extreme right-wing political party but has been shifting left through the years.


  • Social Democratic Party – Founded in 1974 this party is a lot like many centre-right parties in Europe.
  • Democratic and Social Center – Peoples Party – Founded in 1974, this is a traditional Christian oriented democratic party.
  • Earth Party – Founded in 1993 this is a right-wing green party that broke off from the People’s Monarchist Party.


  • People’s Monarchist Party – Founded in 1974, this right-wing party is a small monarchist party.
  • New Democratic Party – Founded in 2003 by the leader of the People’s party, Manuel Monteiro. After founding this party Manuel Monteiro left the People’s Party.
  • National Renovator Party – Founded in 2000. Although fascist parties are forbidden in Portugal, this party has many fascist sympathizers.

These parties all play a part, to some extent, in the way that Portugal is shaped as a country, and in the way that the people of the country decide their fate.

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