Leisure in Portugal

Leisure in Portugal

Portugal is an active country whose people enjoy a vigorous type of leisure. They have an abundance of tennis clubs, Football (soccer) fields and white water rafting. Portugal has made an initiative over the last few years to install “parque ambiental”, which are parks designed for walking and other endeavors. Most contain recreational activities like climbing walls, play equipment, and bicycle routes.


Portugal’s sport activities range from mild sports like golf to the extreme sports like hang gliding. If someone wishes to explore Portugal from the air without hanging from a person-sized kite other options include flying and hot air ballooning.

Portugal also offers a wide stretch of water sports. People can go out for deep-water fishing or stay close for surfing on world-famous waves. People can even go underneath the water and go scuba diving.

Spa & Therapy

That’s not to say that people in Portugal don’t know how to slow down and relax. There are a wide variety of spas and health services available throughout the country. Spas offer thalassotherapy (the use of sea water and marine products as a therapeutic treatment), massages, and acupuncture.


Many of the urban areas such as Lisbon, the capital city, have a thriving nightlife. In Lisbon, one can start the evening at one of the city’s cafés, then go club or bar hopping literally until the break of dawn. Clubs run the spectrum from the laid back Clube da Esquina, to the hip such as Bedroom.

Lux is a stylish club often considered one of Europe’s best designed clubs and is partially owned by renowned actor John Malkovich. Many young Europeans are being drawn to Lisbon for its varied night-time attractions.

One can find clubs ranging from 20s Jazz bars to electronica. The city also has a burgeoning gay scene.

Natural Wonders

There are also options for people wanting to be exposed to Portugal’s natural wonders. People can experience the animal life through bird or dolphin watching tours.

The country has a multitude of wildlife trails. You can also find an unexpected way to view the flora and fauna; you can take a jeep safari.

For people looking for a more educational take on leisure there are classes in things such as Azulejo painting (a Portuguese style of painted, tin glazed, tile work), traditional Portuguese cooking and photography.

Portugal has a lot of leisure to offer natives and visitors.

Ranging from kid friendly to couple’s romantic spa getaways to a single’s daring nightlife. Portugal’s available leisure activities offer something for everyone.

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