Advantages of Using Danish Translation

There are roughly six million native Danish speakers. About five million Danish speakers are located in Denmark (where it is the official language). The other one million Danish speakers are mainly located in the former Danish colonies of Greenland and the Faroe islands. Here, Danish also has an official status.

Danish speakers are also located within the countries of Canada, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, and the USA. There are three major Danish dialects, which include Eastern Danish (Østdansk or Kobenhavnsk), Island Danish (Odansk), and Jutlandish (Jysk).

The Importance of Danish Translation in Trade

Denmark is a very important trading partner for the US. This is a large reason why professional and accurate Danish translation is crucial. Denmark produces oil, natural gas, wind- and bio-energy. Its major exports are machinery, instruments and food products. The US is Denmark's largest non-European trading partner (making up for roughly 5% of all Danish merchandise trade).

The major US exports to Denmark are aircraft, computers, machinery, and instruments. There are several hundred US-owned companies in Denmark. Principle Danish exports to the U.S. are industrial machinery, chemical products, furniture, pharmaceuticals, Lego and canned ham and pork.

The Advantages of Danish Translation In Business

Danish translation services use only native speakers to provide high quality and accurate translations for a target Danish audience. Strong knowledge of Danish culture is needed for translations to be successful (especially for the Danish language). When doing business in a Danish-speaking country, professional human translation is essential.

Typically, it is known to be quite difficult to close a business deal or impress clients with inaccurate software translation. Only human translation (edited and modified for a target Danish audience) can successfully convey meaning without confusing or offending Danish clients and/or businesses.

The Advantages of Native Translators

There are many advantages of using Danish translation services. A good Danish translation company should have an impeccable reputation for consistent and high quality Danish to English and English to Danish translation services. It is helpful to find a translation company with a team of translators from around the world. This allows the company to have translators with a wide range of skills and specialties.

Using translators from around the world allows the company to use native speakers for your specific projects and markets. This means that a quality translation company should use native Danish speakers to execute Danish translations. The advantages to employing a native speaker as a translator are obvious in that they are exact when it comes to pinpoint accuracy and knowledgeable when culture-specific details are crucial.


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