5 Facts You Must Know Before Buying Translation

Got only 5 minutes before starting emailing translation companies for a translation quote? We got you covered!
Check these 5 basics you need to know when buying translation. From avoiding disaster to saving thousands of dollars, you will get many benefits from these simple tips.

Types of Translation

Not all translations are the same. Knowing the basic types will allow you to have a more meaningful conversation with vendors.

Types of Translation Infographic

5 Ways to Save

Got only a few minutes? Check these quick tips to save on translation costs.

5 Ways to Save Infographic

Translation Pricing – the Ultimate Guide

Got 15 minutes? Read our ultimate guide about translation pricing to find out all the tricks translation vendors use and save thousands of dollars.

Translation Pricing – The Ultimate Guide

Avoiding Disaster

Unfortunately, it is quite common for clients to come to us after a botched translation project done with another vendor. Learn a few tips to reduce the chances of disastrous translation projects.

Avoiding Disaster Infographic

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