1. What are the two systems used to change from black and white to color?
  1. What was the Brazilian television trade mark in the 50’s?
  1. Why does the improviso end?
  1. Which occupation did Carlos Miranda take after filming Vigilante Rodoviário?
  1. What happened to the TV in the 70’s?
  1. What kind of show came before soap operas?
  1. How are the TVs connected?
  1. What role did the TV play in the 90’s?
  1. What was the biggest growth factor for the TV?
  1. Which great means of communication allies to the TV?


  1. When did the development of the Brazilian national cinema begin?
  1. What happened in the 70’s and 80’?
  1. How is the cinema seen in the 90’s?
  1. What did Collor do in this same decade?
  1. How did the return of the national cinema production happen?
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