Our Work Processes

How does The Translation Company provide its clients with such reliable service?

Over the years, The Translation Company has developed and tested our practices and procedures, fine tuning them into an efficient workflow that allows us to meet our clients’ needs, uphold industry-wide standards of quality, and adapt to any timetable. We have also built a degree of flexibility into our workflow, which helps us to accommodate the parameters of any translation project. Our adaptability and reliability will prompt you to think of The Translation Company time and again, whenever you’ve got a translation project on the horizon.

Step 1: How about a free quote?

The translation process begins when you contact us for a free quote. Simply fill out our easy-to-use form with all the relevant information, and our system will send us your request immediately. If you have an electronic copy of the document that needs to be translated on hand, you can upload it and send it to us now, or, if you prefer, give us an estimate of the word count and we will quote you a price. Within one business day, our project managers will contact you with your free quote.

Step 2: What if I decide to place an order?

When you receive your free quote via email, we will include an order form as an attachment. If you are satisfied with the quotation, simply fill in the order form and return it to us. If you have a long-term translation product, we can provide you with a credit application so that we can accept your assignments via Purchase order. If you have not already done so, we request that you send your documents to us via fax or email at this point. Feel free to supply us with a glossary or lexicon, notes on the document, or other supplementary materials that our translators can use to complete your translation. If you have requested a non- disclosure agreement (NDA), we will gladly fax you a signed copy at this point. For more information, click here.

Step 3: How do you select a translator to work on my project?

We will begin work on your project as soon as the receipt of your payment has been confirmed. (PLEASE NOTE: If you are paying by check or money order, this could take several business days.) We use a number of advanced criteria to select the translator who will work on your project. For more information about the translator selection process, as well as the criteria we use, see below.

Step 4: What happens during the translation process?

The translator we select to perform your translation hand crafts a target language version of your document. Our translators use assistive technology, such as Trados, to produce translations of specific keywords, such as technical terminology, that are consistent and repeatable. These translation tools also allow our translators to save time during the translation process, which means that we can pass on greater value to you. Following this step, the translator will submit the new document to one of our proofreaders and project managers, who assess the quality of the translation work and correct technical errors in the language.

Step 5: And these quality standards I’ve heard so much about?

Once the translator has completed work on your project, our seasoned proofreaders check the document for errors and fix any issues with the spelling, grammar, or formatting. The document is then passed along to the project manager, who reviews the final document, checking it against our quality standards. If, at any point in the quality review process, the proofreader or the project manager decides that the document does not meet our standards, the document can be sent back to Step 4 or the beginning of Step 5. When dealing with larger jobs, clients may also participate in our quality review and revision process, to meet any particular need they have.

Step 6: How can I receive my completed translation?

When our proofreaders and project managers have given their approval to the completed translation, we will prepare it for delivery to you. If your project requires any additional services, such as Certification or Notarization, our project manager will affix the seal, stamp, signature, and contact information of the translator to the completed translation, and / or take the final document to a Notary Public for a seal and signature. If you have requested a hard copy, we will ship your completed translation to you via FedEx. If an electronic copy will suffice, you will receive a copy via email in the file format of your choice.

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Our process is designed to be flexible, and to accommodate exceptions and contingencies. If you would like to change the parameters of your project once it has reached the translation stage, we will gladly accept the changes and incorporate them into the final document. (Additional fees may apply for more extensive changes.) If we encounter a delay, our project managers will notify you immediately of any changes to your timetable. If the final translation does not meet your needs, or is unsatisfactory in any way, we will send it back to our translator for another round of translation, incorporating any corrections or suggestions you might have. Resubmitted documents will also go through another round of quality review.

Project Managers: OUR people on YOUR side!

Our project managers are available to take your calls and answer your questions during the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST from Monday to Friday. For global clients with larger jobs, we will allocate a Project Manager to work a schedule compatible with your time zone (e.g. Australia, China, etc.). First, our project managers will gladly provide you with a free quotation, collecting the relevant data about your project and tabulating the costs involved. They will assist you through every phase of your translation project, serving as the liaison between you and the rest of our translation team and keeping track of the progress of your translation. They are also responsible for assessing the work of our translators and proofreaders, ensuring that each translation we produce meets our quality standards. Finally, our project managers will follow up with you after your project has been completed, and assist you with any future translation needs that might arise.

Translation Resources

The Translation Company is able to recruit the most qualified translators in the industry by devoting time and resources to maintaining our relationships with reliable translators. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language who have been tested based on their linguistic skills. Our specialty translators also possess an extensive background and in-depth knowledge of their subject areas.

The Translation Company develops and maintains lasting relationships with highly qualified, reliable translators by providing them with clear instructions and delivering payments on time. This allows us to retain the best and brightest translators available. Our translators have also built solid relationships with clients, serving the same companies for five years or more. Because we put so much effort into our relationships with translators, we are able to deliver reliable, high quality results that are repeatable and scalable.

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Best of the Best: Translator Selection and Recruitment

We have outlined stringent guidelines and selection criteria for our translators. This helps us to better serve your needs by providing you with high quality translations. We assign your project to a translator based on such criteria as prior performance, expertise, and availability. In addition, each of our translators must:

  • Be a native speaker of the target language.
  • Have current, in-country experience of the source language.
  • Have a university degree in his or her area of expertise, as well as a minimum of five years of professional experience in the field of translation.
  • Present proof of his or her educational background and certifications.
  • Present reverences from clients or a referral from another trusted contractor. These references are extensively checked.
  • Present examples of translation work in his or her area of expertise, which are submitted for evaluation to leading translators.

Applicants for translation positions at The Translation Company must also pass skill assessment tests in their areas of expertise. We only appoint translators who have been approved through our recruitment process. We screen our translators for technical knowledge as well as linguistic ability, and place considerable importance on our translators’ ability to follow instruction and deliver projects on time. We also require certificates from leading American certificate association.

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