Online Translator Education

A vast amount of webinars and self-paced training courses are available as online translator education through websites dedicated to freelance translators and potential clients. Furthermore, several universities offer online degree programs in translation. Except when offered by an accredited institution, online translator education programs tend not to be as in-depth as two or four-year programs, and may not provide the strong foundation needed to become a translator; make sure to find the program that is best for you when first starting out. Online translator education can be extremely useful when expanding specialization areas, or when a refresher course is needed.

The ATA offers its members online translator education, as does the leading translator workplace, Proz, at additional cost to the translator. However, you may be able to find courses elsewhere as well. Online translator education comes in a number of forms, and may be taken at the translator's discretion, in whatever fields desired or deemed necessary. Webinars and online translator education courses are often hands-on classes conducted online that take place in a virtual classroom and are led by a real teacher. They will vary in length and amount of downloadable content, but are excellent resources when focusing specialization.  Self-paced training and videos are accessible to translators as well, and continue to be available after their initial purchase and viewing. Additionally, one-on-one courses, though not offered as often, take place via Skype, email, or whatever method is agreed upon, and provide the translator with direct, interactive training. Again, one method is not better than another, your education choices depend on your intentions as a translator.

Where to Get Online Translator Education



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