Hospitality Translations in Los Angeles

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For many, traveling is one of the best parts of life. It’s also something that millions of people across the globe have to do for their jobs.

The Los Angeles area receives a high number of both types of visitors every year. This has led to the impressive growth of its hospitality industry.

In the sections below, we’ll cover the highlights of LA’s thriving hospitality sector and take a look at the role that hospitality translation services continue to play in making this growth possible.

The Scope of LA’s Hospitality Industry

The Los Angeles region is on track to greet over 50 million visitors per year. According to data from the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, these visitors spend more than $18 billion per year on LA-area businesses.

Data also shows that lots of local residents take advantage of Los Angeles hospitality companies as well. Recent reports suggest that about 10 million local residents use these services, adding to the already impressive number of visitors that Los Angeles receives each year.

Why People Come to LA

People come to LA for a few different reasons. Understanding these reasons can help us make sense of why the hospitality industry in Los Angeles has grown to become so large.


Los Angeles is, arguably, the entertainment capital of the world. It’s home to:

● Theme parks like Disney Land and Universal Studios
● Constant movie and TV show premiers
● Parades and performing arts
● Cultural attractions like the Walk of Fame and Hollywood Sign
● And much, much more


People also visit LA because it’s a thriving sports town. It’s home to two of the most beloved teams in their respective leagues – the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s also home to popular NFL teams like the LA Rams and Chargers.
Los Angeles also has a reputation for being one of the premier places to go to find luxury goods. It’s home to Beverly Hills and Willshire Boulevard where people enjoy going to pick up items that they might not buy for themselves back home.


Finally, Los Angeles is also a major business hub for many different industries. People come to visit the city all the time to conduct business in everything from information technology to logistics and food manufacturing

Where People Are Coming From

According to recent data, large numbers of visitors come to LA from each of the following international countries:

● China
● Australia
● UK
● Japan
● South Korea
● France
● Germany
● Scandinavia
● Middle East
● India
● Brazil

Put simply, people visit Los Angeles from nearly every corner of the world. Its status as the entertainment capital of the planet makes it a top destination for people from many areas and walks of life.

The Importance of Translation Services for the Hospitality Industry

The benefits of translation for the hospitality industry are enormous. People with many different linguistic backgrounds visit LA. If hospitality industries want these visitors to feel comfortable enough to come back in the future, then they need to communicate with them in the language that they feel most comfortable with.

Compared to other industries, there are quite a few opportunities for hospitality companies to stand out with translated materials. We’ll highlight some of those below.

At The Hotel

When a new guest arrives at a hotel, you want to make them as comfortable as possible. Part of that is making sure that you have translated documents available for:

● Check-in instructions
● Payment terms and contracts
● Brochures and posters
● Marketing materials
● Menus at your restaurant

At Attractions

A person who doesn’t speak English very well also won’t be able to get the most out of the attractions that they visit if translations aren’t available at them. This can include things like:

● Instructions at theme parks
● Deals at shopping centers
● Information about the history of the attractions
● Guidance for what to visit next

In Transit

Finally, people who visit Los Angeles can also benefit tremendously from having access to translated documents while they’re in transit. Opportunities for this include:

● Maps and public transportation cards
● Tourist guides
● Flight information
● Customs information
● And more

If you run a hospitality company, then your goal is to make your guests as comfortable as possible. The more of these types of documents that you can translate into their native languages, the closer you’ll get to that goal.

Visit our Los Angeles Translation Services page to learn about other industry-targeted translation services provided to companies throughout California.

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