Bioscience Translations in Los Angeles

Scientific handling cultures in petri dishes in bioscience laboratory refrigerator. Concept of science, laboratory and study of diseases.

The bioscience industry is one of the most exciting fields of growth in existence today. Its global market capitalization is over $1 trillion and it’s producing some of the most meaningful products and technologies for people and companies across the globe.

Los Angeles has emerged as a hub for bioscience development. It’s uniquely positioned to capture a large segment of the exciting upward trajectory of this industry.

We’ll tell you why that’s true and highlight the important role that translation services will play in capturing this growth in the sections below.

The Impact of Bioscience in Los Angeles County

Though the bioscience industry is still growing rapidly, it’s already responsible for a ton of economic activity in the Los Angeles area.

Data from recent LA economic reports discovered the following:

  • There are 195,820 jobs attributable to bioscience in Los Angeles County
  • There are 2,890 bioscience establishments in the county
  • Bioscience has generated $44.2 billion in overall economic activity

When you put it all together, it’s easy to see why Los Angeles County is quickly gaining a reputation as a key hub for bioscience.

LA is Well-Positioned to Prosper From Bioscience Growth

One of the most exciting aspects of this industry’s footprint in Los Angeles is that the county is prepared to continue capturing much of its upside.

Los Angeles County is home to some of the premier global brands, research hospitals, and universities in not just the country – but also the world. We’ll look at some examples in the sub-sections below.

Leading Universities

Los Angeles is home to some of the leading universities for producing new talent in the bioscience industry. This includes Caltech, USC, UCLA, and other universities in the Cal State System (CSU).

These universities help to create a rich pool of talent for companies and hospitals to hire from in the LA area. They also play a key role in the research and development of new bioscience technologies and ideas.

Global Brands

Global brands like Amgen, Kite Pharmaceuticals, and Quest Diagnostics call the LA area home. Companies like these spur bioscience development by providing the investment needed to research and create exciting new products.

Research Hospitals

You’ll also find a number of leading research and teaching hospitals in LA county, including:

  • UCLA Medical Center
  • Ranchos Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center
  • USC’s Keck School of Medicine
  • Cedars-Sinai Hospital
  • And others

Research hospitals are where the health aspects of the bioscience industry hit the ground. They apply the discoveries of businesses and universities to real-world patients who can benefit from them.

Translation Services for the Bioscience Industry in Los Angeles

As bioscience continues growing in Los Angeles, so will the industry’s need for translation services. But not any service will do.

Bioscience topics tend to be highly technical and require a special touch. That’s why companies, research institutes, and hospitals look for translation companies that have special teams dedicated to this type of work.

Why Use Them?

Even though LA has emerged as a hub for it, the bioscience industry is becoming increasingly global. Teams will often outsource some aspects of their project to partners abroad and linguistic issues with these teams can hinder progress.

Additionally, when a company is producing a product or a research team has come out with a new idea, they want to be sure that the discovery makes it as far and wide as possible.

But if the team doesn’t translate the documents and papers for these discoveries, then they’re placing a limit on how many people will be able to engage with them.

Finally, bioscience translation services are experts at keeping ideas confidential. When you use one, you won’t have to worry about your big idea leaking before you’re ready to share it

What They Can Help You With

Translation services for the bioscience industry in Los Angeles can help organizations with a wide variety of documents, manuals, and workflows, including each of the following categories.

Clinical Research

  • Case Report Forms
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Patient Admission/Discharge Documents

Medical Devices

  • Installation Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Manufacturing Process Workflows



  • Care Workflow
  • Healthcare Software
  • Hospital Release Forms

Keep in mind that this is just a sampling of what you can get help with. If your business needs another bioscience document translated, there’s a very high chance that a translation service with a bioscience focus can do it.

Visit our Los Angeles Translation Services page to learn about other industry-targeted translation services provided to companies throughout California.

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