New York State Expands Translation Services

Until this week, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance only offered a Spanish translation of important documents and services. However, it has announced that it will be expanding its offering to include more languages and more services.

The multilingual services will allow people who speak limited English the ability to interact with the State government with more proficiency. Not only did the department make the changes to help taxpayers discover what they owe, but they also wanted to make it easier for them to find out which benefits they’re eligible for, such as money-saving credits.

Services Will Feature New York’s Most Commonly Spoken Languages

Especially because of the wide variety of cultures present in New York City, the state of New York is a melting pot of different languages. They could probably feature every single language in the world in their tax services, and someone would find it useful. Instead, they had to pick the languages that were most popular in the state.

Spanish was already covered for a while since it is by far the second most popular language to English. For now, the taxation and finance office will also offer Italian, Korean, Haitian Creole, Russian, and Chinese translations.

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Many Facets of the State Services will Become Multilingual

People who are not comfortable with the English language will have access to many resources with the new multilingual services offered by the taxation and finance department in New York. Web pages and documents will all be available in each language offered.

The department will also include an insert with its mailings that will provide multilingual options. By phone, people trying to contact the department will have even more options outside of the six basic languages. Phone operators will be trained in 37 languages, so they’ll be able to provide services such as Hebrew, Polish, Swahili, and Portuguese translation.

The United States is a diverse country, so translation services are often necessary for understanding legal and financial terms. However, the state of New York is making it easier on its residents. Instead of expecting residents to seek out New York translation services on their own, translation will be provided to them at no cost.

People can save the money and effort required to seek out translations on their own, and the state of New York can rest easy knowing it’s helping residents understand certain policies and documents.

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