Asian Languages Will be Mandatory for Australian Students

Because of a massive boom in the Asian population, Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is launching a program that will make it mandatory for all school children to learn at least one Asian language. The Asian community has been steadily growing and many businesses in Australia now have ties to Asia. To give students a better chance of using language for future business skills, they will be given the opportunity to learn Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, and Indonesian. The idea is to equip students for the “Asian Century” and ready them for a time when they could provide valuable business translation services.

The Language Program will be Countrywide

The Prime Minister is launching the program on a countrywide scale and is planning for every Australian school to have the new languages classes. The program isn’t just confined to the classroom though.  Australia is also partnering with television stations and Asian schools so that more channels will be showing Asian news and more Asian programs will be available to every citizen from the comfort of their own home. Thousands of new scholarships will also be available to Asian students wishing to attend schools in Australia. Soon, translation services will be more in demand than ever. Gillard says that the changes should transform people’s thinking about Australia’s economic relationship with Asia. When the plan is implemented, kindergarteners will be graduating with a sound knowledge of Asian culture and will hopefully be able to provide professional translation services for at least one Asian language.

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