Spanish Translation for Courts and Hospitals

A group in Blue Ash, Ohio has made a name for themselves by offering translation for courts and hospitals in the local area.  The group now has over 600 people involved and over 200 languages are able to be translated.

The group originally started because of the need for Spanish translation in the area.

A Small Goodwill Project is Transformed into a Major Business

The business was originally a small effort to help the local Spanish-speaking community communicate with their lawyers and doctors. The founder of the translation group, Lynn Elfers, learned to speak fluent Spanish during her years abroad in Costa Rica doing missionary work with her husband. When they returned to the states, she used her new language skills to provide Spanish to English translation for the Spanish-speaking members of her church.

The services that Elfers provided quickly grew into a side business, but demand grew and soon she could no longer keep up with the amount of people who wanted her to translate for them. After a while, more people were hired and the business grew into a legitimate company that started to provide translation for other languages besides Spanish. The group generally works for hospitals, but they also provide Spanish legal translation and legal translation in other languages as well.

Source: Cincinnati Community Press



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