Orlando Magic is Discontinuing Spanish Radio Broadcast

The Orlando Magic basketball team has been broadcasting its games on Spanish radio since 1997. Each broadcast offers a play-by-play announced by Joey Colon. The broadcasts were originally aired when the team’s managers noticed how many Spanish-speaking citizens were interested in the outcome.

Instead of making them seek out a Spanish translation for every game, they decided to offer them a full broadcast in their native language. Though the broadcast was popular, it will be discontinued this season and moved to an online platform only.

Change is Partly to Measure Success

Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins explained that they were unable to prove how popular the Spanish broadcast was, so Spanish radio stations were unsure about how many listeners it would pull in. By moving the broadcast online, the team will be able to effectively determine how many people are tuning in.

Luckily for Spanish listeners, the show will not be cancelled and its popularity might eventually earn it a spot back on Spanish radio. Either way, listening to the online Spanish broadcast is much easier than using Spanish translation services to understand every play-by-play. Fox Sports Florida will also be airing 12 games on television in Spanish hosted by Joey Colon.

Most Companies are Moving in the Opposite Direction

It’s interesting to hear about a company eliminating one of their Spanish language translation services, as most companies are doing the complete opposite lately. Since the Spanish language is so commonly spoken in the United States, many companies are adding a Spanish section to their website or adding Spanish options to their marketing efforts and outreach.

While the team is not completely eliminating the broadcast, there is a good chance they will lose some fans by shaking up the routine. Many people without regular access to a computer will no longer be able to tune in. However, if the team can really prove how popular the broadcast is online, they might be able to gain enough profit and revenue to add a Spanish website or return to the usual Spanish radio broadcast format.

Philippe Moggio, the NBA vice president in Latin America, explained that basketball could easily be the second-most popular sport in Mexico behind soccer with the proper promotions and official Spanish translations. Only time will tell whether or not the Orlando Magic see more success and increased revenue or total failure in the move to online-only broadcasts.

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