Federal Trade Commission Revises Spanish Buyers Guide

The Buyers Guide for used cars, which is distributed by the Federal Trade Commission, is being updated and revised. This revision will seek to update the existing guidelines and agency rules so that they will be easy to read and understand. Revisions are also being made to include a Spanish Buyers Guide as well, and some modifications will also be added to the English version to make it friendlier to Spanish-speaking readers.

Last Revision of the Used Car Rule Was in 1995

The Buyers Guide is a resource for used car buyers so that they know who is responsible for repairs if something goes wrong with the used car they buy. The guide exists to inform clients about repairs and warranties, but it also exists because of the Used Car Rule set down by the FTC in 1985.

This rule says that all used car businesses must display a sticker on the window of cars that come with a warranted. If the car lot doesn’t offer a warrantee, then they must display another type of sticker that says so. The new Spanish Buyers Guide will require an English to Spanish translation. To clear up the matter of where the sticker should be placed and what questions people should ask if there isn’t a sticker.

The new Spanish translation services don’t just extend to the Spanish Buyers Guide though.  The English version of the Buyers Guide also has some sections in Spanish and English that advises Spanish-speaking readers to ask for the Spanish Buyers Guide if they feel more comfortable reading it in Spanish.

Improved Readability of Spanish Buyers Guide

The changes that are being considered and made by the Federal Trade Commission would change the Buyers Guide to make it more readable. A new website has been set up by the FTC so that customers can make comments about what they would like to see addressed in the new revised edition.

Some of the topics that the FTC has invited people to comment on concern the pervasive deceptions that often occur within used car businesses. Revisions made to the Spanish Buyers Guide in the translation to Spanish will include amendments that require used car businesses to offer transactions and contracts in Spanish. Right now, all the revised Spanish translations are available for customers to review on the FTC website.

Source: Imperial Valley News

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