Romance Novel Translations Gaining Popularity

Novel translations are an up-and-coming demand. Romance novels were considered cheesy for a while in American culture. The outrageous covers and wide selections available at even the cheapest grocery stores made them seem widely unappealing to many self-respecting readers. However, romance novels are gaining popularity, especially after E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy became a huge success. People all over the United States were talking about it, which inspired other authors to release their more naughty titles. Fifty Shades of Grey has been translated into more than thirty languages, which has inspired author Sable Hunter to translate her own set of romance novels. Hunter is working on Spanish novel translations for her “Hell Yeah” series.

Novel Translations Influenced by the Popularity of E-Readers

The popularity of romance novels isn’t the only thing that is pushing authors like Hunter to release official Spanish novel translations. The popularity of e-readers is also behind the decision. If authors like Hunter were to release Spanish versions only in the United States, they would sell more copies, but not enough to make the re-release worth it. Instead, these authors are relying on e-readers such as the Kindle, Nook and iPad to take their work around the globe. Distributing digitally has a wider reach than a physical distribution and it’s much cheaper.

Novel Translations will Give Readers Cultural Insight

The people who are reading popular romance novels are probably not reading them for a lesson in culture. However, when Spanish-speaking people read the English to Spanish translation, it might be more interesting than a romance novel written in their native language because it introduces them to a new place in the world. Many of Hunter’s books are about her home state of Texas, which is a lot different than many Spanish-speaking countries. Any story line becomes more interesting when it contains details of a place you’ve never been, even when that story is the simple plot of a romance novel.

As romance novels gain popularity in the United States, more authors are spending money to work with professional Spanish translators and release their books in other countries. Even if the books are only released in the United States, one in every four citizens is fluent in Spanish, so it might even bring some pleasure to readers domestically. Translating books, advertisements, games, movies, and shows to Spanish allows companies to connect with the large Spanish-speaking population in the United States.

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