Norwegian Cruise Lines Launches Spanish Website

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is one of the largest fleets of cruise ships in the world, so it’s no wonder they’re looking to reach out to a wider audience. NCL has just recently launched the Spanish translation version of its main website to appeal to Spanish-speaking customers.

The cruise line company is the first in the industry to have a website that’s entirely in Spanish, and the move is based on the 2009 census data that 12% of people in the United States can speak Spanish fluently.

Spanish Option Goes Beyond the Website

The translation of the site is not the only offering that Norwegian Cruise Lines is making to its Spanish-speaking customers. These visitors can also book their trip online in Spanish, which is a rare feature of e-commerce sites in the United States.

There is also a toll-free number specifically dedicated to these website visitors that take customers to a Spanish-speaking operator. Clearly, NCL is making an effort that goes beyond simply hiring a Spanish translator to redo the site. They are trying to integrate Spanish-speaking people into their target marketing plans.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Targeting Latinos

Though the high volume of Spanish-speaking people in the United States is a major reason Norwegian Cruise Lines launched the translated site, they’re also trying to appeal to travelers in South America. If these visitors, who speak only Spanish in their daily lives, tried booking on the English site, they might give up quickly.

It would take too long to complete an entire English to Spanish translation on the site using a translation service, and they would probably just choose another cruise line for their destination. Norwegian Cruise Lines is hopeful that the new site will draw these customers in, as cruises from South America to New York and Miami are extremely popular.

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Marketing Materials in Spanish

Many people in the United States speak Spanish as their primary language, so providing marketing materials and web resources only in English excludes a large potential audience. Even

if your business is not nearly as large as Norwegian Cruise Lines, you should look into Spanish translation services to create a Spanish version of your website. Doing so could greatly expand your audience, which will likely increase your sales and customer base. Your website can be viewed by anyone in the world at any moment, so you might as well take advantage of the opportunity for expanded reach.

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