Free Bilingual College Workshops in Jan Jose

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund has partnered with the McDonald’s in the Greater Bay Area of California to provide bilingual college workshops free of charge in San Jose. The workshop entitled “Success College Workshop” will be held at William C. Overfelt high school with Spanish translation services available for the bilingual session. On Saturday the 17th of November, the workshop will be held at 8:30am, and will provide students from grades 9-12 with information about local community and four year colleges. The information will be heavily directed at parents and will provide ample information about scholarships, financial aid, and other college planning materials.

Bilingual College Workshops to Focus on Options Available for Hispanic Students

Frank Alvarez, The CEO of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, says that many of the students that will attend the workshop with their parents will be the first in their family to go to college. He also says that it is the goal of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund that at least one person in every Latino family attends college. This will encourage other members of the Hispanic community to consider their own college options and hopefully make them realize that college is not only a reality for others, but a reality for them as well. The workshop in San Jose, like most bilingual college workshops set up by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, will be bilingual and will offer English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation for the families and children who attend.

Scholarship Opportunities in the San Mateo Area

In the San Mateo area of California, another part of the Greater Bay Area, a branch of the California Retired Teachers Association has scholarships available for students. Any student in the area that wants to pursue a career in education is welcome to apply for a scholarship from the association provided they are a California resident. Though they are not part of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, they are one resource for any potential college applicant who wishes to enroll in an elementary or secondary education program at any California community college or university. Their website doesn’t contain the same Spanish translation services as other scholarship programs directed at the Hispanic community, but they don’t prohibit anyone from applying.

The free workshops provided by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund are held throughout the United States in areas that have large Latino populations. Their specially-designed English to Spanish translation services make the workshops easy to understand for many different community members and families and are a great way to spread college information through the Hispanic community.

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