German Language Education Needed in Slovakia

Slovakia is in need of people proficient in the German language to work at many different small to medium sized businesses throughout the country. A program has been created by the Federal Employment Agency to help young Europeans learn the German language to gain employment in Germany or other European countries.  The program is set to begin in January of 2013, and Slovakia is among one of the targeted countries for the program.

German Program Offers a Selection of New Career Options

The new program offers people between the ages of 18 and 35 the opportunity to have many different careers in and out of their home country. The program applicants can obtain vouchers from the government that will pay for translation services and language training in or out of Germany, and the German language program will make it easier for people in the European Union to gain access to the dual education system in Germany as well.

The German language education program will also help people to secure jobs in alternative energy and in the automotive industry. Germany has several investment companies in Slovakia that involve the automotive industry and other machinery and IT based companies. In turn, Slovakia has similar investments in Germany.

These investment companies play a part in the creation of the German language program, since the companies often hire people from their respective investment nations. To make work easier, Slovakian and German translation abilities among the employees are being encouraged and not only through the new program.

Slovakia’s Financials Influence Germany’s Interest in Investing Abroad

Though there has been economic trouble in Slovakia, it remains a country of interest for German investment. The country is in the process of going through a reform, and if it stays on that path, then Germany has said that they see no reason not to continue investing in the country’s industries. Another area that could potentially be open for more investment opportunities is renewable energy technology.

Germany has plans to phase out their use of nuclear energy by the year 2022 and though Slovakia has no such plans of their own, they still make the renewable energy technology that would be valuable to Germany. For this reason, Slovakia’s economy would definitely benefit from having employees who are able to provide professional translation in renewable energy job fields.

Source: The Slovak Spectator

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