Enjoy Life as a Translator!

Enjoying Life as a Freelance Translator

When you choose a career as a translator, you know you won’t become a millionaire. Freelance translators live of their daily work. So, you will be translating for the rest of your life as long as you need to pay for your bills. And, that’s exactly what makes this career so attractive to some individuals.

True freelance translators love language and writing. They will derive great pleasure from hard-work on a challenging translation assignment. And, they will be able to pay for their bills while travelling around the globe if that’s what they want to.

Some of the advantages freelance translators experience:

  • They are their own bosses, and they work for the clients and the type of work they want to
  • They choose their own paths as professionals
  • They choose when and where to take vacations

As discussed in other chapters of this guide, there are also challenges in a freelance translation career. However, we believe that the advantages surpass these challenges by far.

Yes, you will handle many difficult clients and crazy deadline projects. There will be moments when you think no more assignments will come your way. But, at the end of the day, you will know as a fact that life doesn’t get much better than the life that a successful freelance translator may enjoy.

Instructions to Follow

  • Check the nomad list to check on world cities you may want to live in
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