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Supported File Formats

XLIFF, HTML/XHTML, XML, Plain Text, OpenOffice, StarOffice, PO/POT (GNU Gettext), SVG, Adobe FrameMaker (MIF), Adobe InDesign (INX), DocBook, DITA, Java Properties, JavaScript, RTF, Trados Tagged RTF, Trados TTX, MS Office 2003 XML, ResX (Windows .NET Resources), RC (Windows C/C++ Resources), MS Office 2007, 100% compatible with Swordfish, build completely on Open Standards: TMX, TBX, XLIFF, SRX, xml:tm, W3C ITS

Operational System

Web application Enterprise system, multiple clients: FireFox, IE, server: Windows – Linux – Mac OS X – Solaris – HP/UX (Java)

Editor Notes

XTM can be used independently or some of its components can be integrated with in-house systems. It automates many of the traditionally manual  processes involved in translation such as extracting text, applying a translation memory and creating the target file.

How To Buy


Not mentioned on website. Contact sales@xml-intl.com.



Contact Information

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Gerrards Cross
Bucks SL9 8XF
phone: +44 1753 480 467
fax: +44 1753 480 465
E-mail: sales@XML-INTL.com

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